A good director leads and follows.

Welcome to the official website of acclaimed actor and director John Malkovich. Immerse yourself in his captivating performances, visionary direction, and insightful musings. Explore his vast body of work and stay updated on his latest projects.


Movies are like an therapy for me.

Experience the brilliance of John Malkovich: actor, director, and creative visionary. Dive into his captivating artistry, timeless performances, and thought-provoking insights. Explore the world of Malkovich, where creativity knows no limits.


Pain is temporary, film is forever!

Unveiling the extraordinary world of John Malkovich: actor, director, and artistic luminary. Discover his captivating performances and visionary storytelling. Immerse yourself in the realm of Malkovich, where creativity transcends boundaries.


Artistry unleashed, boundaries shattered. Enter the realm of John Malkovich, where storytelling becomes an immersive experience.
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Welcome to the official website of John Malkovich, an iconic actor, director, and creative force. With an illustrious career spanning decades, Malkovich has left an indelible mark on the world of entertainment. From his memorable performances in films like “Dangerous Liaisons” and “Being John Malkovich” to his directorial ventures, he continues to captivate audiences with his unparalleled talent and artistic vision. With his unique ability to embody a wide range of characters, Malkovich has garnered critical acclaim and numerous accolades. Explore his vast body of work, delve into his insights on creativity, and stay updated on his latest projects. Enter the mesmerizing world of John Malkovich, where artistry and brilliance collide.

Embark on an extraordinary journey into the world of John Malkovich, where creativity knows no bounds and storytelling reaches new heights of brilliance and innovation.
  1. June 15, 2011

    Unleashing Artistic Brilliance, Inspiring Creative Souls

    Malkovich ventures into the world of theatre with acclaimed productions, showcasing his passion for live performance and artistic exploration. Witness the magic unfold on stage as he brings iconic characters to life.

  2. December 31, 2012

    Directorial Debut

    Malkovich takes on the role of director with his debut film, delving into the complexities of human nature and crafting a thought-provoking narrative. Experience his unique vision and storytelling prowess in this directorial journey.

  3. November 1, 2013

    Exploring New Horizons

    Malkovich expands his creative pursuits, exploring new horizons in the entertainment industry. From innovative collaborations to boundary-pushing projects, he continues to challenge artistic norms and captivate audiences worldwide.

  4. January 15, 2015

    International Recognition

    Malkovich's talent receives international acclaim, earning him accolades and recognition for his exceptional performances. Embrace the journey as he solidifies his place as a formidable force in the world of cinema.

  5. October 23, 2017

    Celebrating Artistic Collaborations

    Malkovich collaborates with renowned artists, filmmakers, and performers, fusing their creative energies to produce groundbreaking works of art. Witness the power of collaboration as boundaries are pushed and artistic visions come to life.

  6. May 19, 2018

    Exploring Diverse Characters

    Malkovich embraces the challenge of portraying diverse characters, each with their own complexities and nuances. Immerse yourself in his transformative performances that showcase his unmatched range and ability to breathe life into every role.

  7. July 17, 2019

    Mastering the Craft

    Malkovich continues to hone his craft, delving deeper into the art of storytelling. With every project, he pushes the boundaries of his own abilities, leaving a lasting impact and inspiring future generations of artists.

  8. January 10, 2020

    Adapting to New Realities

    In the face of unprecedented challenges, Malkovich adapts to new realities, embracing innovative ways to continue creating and connecting with audiences. Experience the resilience and creativity that fuels his artistic endeavors.

“An average director directs. A good director leads and follows at the same time.”
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John Malkovich Film Director
Every frame is an opportunity to create something extraordinary.

From an interview with John Malkovich

Passion fuels my directorial canvas.
  • 2019
    • Best Director
      Cannes Film Festival
      Black Cat in London
      John Malkovich
  • 2018
    • Best Director
      Toronto Film Festival
      Lucky Family
      John Malkovich
    • Best Actor
      Venice Film Festival
      Green Book
      John Malkovich
    • Best Documentary Feature
      Cannes Film Festival
      Dark Comedy
      John Malkovich
  • 2017
    • Best Director
      Cannes Film Festival
      Lord of Stadiums
      John Malkovich

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